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Musical artist - Black Liquid Musical artist - Black Liquid

If someone were to meet Black Liquid today, they would probably think that he was just another ordinary person. A man working to make a living for himself and his family. Every day he goes to work, what he refers to as "slavery" and likes to dedicate what limited free time he has to video games. Based on this description or first impression of Black Liq, one would never know that he could easily be considered the hardest working unsigned artist in the state of Virginia.

It is Black Liquid's time management skills and self-discipline that separate him from the other artists in his region. Outside of his full-time job he manages and hosts two independent radio shows in the city. His show 'Hip Hop For The Rest Of Us' on WRIR 97.3 FM has grown very popular and landed him a permanent spot at the station. He also DJ's at WDCE 90.1 FM, a station on the campus of the University of Richmond, where he hosts 'Hip Hop 101.' Both stations stream live from their respective websites as well, and Although, they are nighttime programs their following has grown tremendously over the past year.

It is opportunities like the ones presented at the radio stations that Black Liq uses to his full advantage and to the benefit of others. The two radio shows not only spin his records but also give many of the talents in Virginia an opportunity to hear their music over the air. Black believes that every artist deserves to shine and by helping his fellow members of the craft, he is building synergy amongst its students. He plans on continuing to host his radio shows and hopes to get some big-name rappers to one day co-host the show alongside him.

Musical artist - Black Liquid

Black Liq is definitely not lazy when it comes to his music either. Even though all his music is free, he puts just as much time and effort into his projects as an artist signed to G.O.O.D Music or Def Jam Records would. His only objective, with each free release, is to get more and more people to listen to his message. For Black Liq, nothing else matters but being heard. Black Liq's latest release, This Is Hip Hop, dropped earlier this month. He said that this project was definitely his most complete and, prayerfully, his most successful.

Black Liq said, "This mix is exactly what Hip Hop means to me. Every track represents exactly how I feel about Hip Hop. It's a representation of me and those that think as I do. Seriously, a lot of work and thought went into this project. Way more than any of my work that came before it."

This Is Hip Hop is available and can be downloaded. Also, enjoy viewing Black Liq's hit single "Richmond." The video was produced by Brenda's Baby and was shot in the heart of the city of Richmond where Black Liq is from.

Black Liquid - Richmond (Produced By Brenda's Baby...
Aimee Francis - 'SEVENTEEN'

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