Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong

Musical artists - Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong Musical artists - Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong


A 14-year-old kid from General Santos City has added his name to the growing list of local Youtube sensations following the footsteps of Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda of the American band, Journey.

 With a voice full of power and passion, Aldrich Loyd Talonding's stunning rendition of Luther Vandross' 2003 hit single "Dance with my Father" instantly became a hit on Youtube and numerous social networking sites.

The video showcasing Talonding's superb musicality also features his cousin James Walter Bucong on guitar. The two boys are members of B'laan, a tribal community in southern Mindanao.

The viral video has more than 75,000 likes and was shared more than 78,000 times on Facebook. Moreover, the video was viewed 871,121 times on the video-sharing website since it was uploaded on April 21, 2013.

Youtube users were amazed by how Talonding's voice resembled with that of Mexican-Filipino singer Jessica Sanchez who was a grand finalist in the "American Idol" in 2012.

"He sounds like Jessica Sanchez when he does vibrato — A kid w/ genuine, beautiful voice singing "Dance with my Father," Chard Clovo said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, ralphramos74 said that the voice of Talonding can be easily misinterpreted if the viewers will not look at the video "...aakalain mung babae ang kumakanta....mala jessica sanchez ang boses ng batang toh...grabe."

Talonding's followers had sent a link of his viral video to Ellen DeGeneres, which launched the international career of Charice, and GMA-7's weekly news magazine show "Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho."

Delia Valdez tweeted @TheEllenShow the video requesting the show's host to "Please watch this amazing boy Aldrich of the Philippines singing Dance with my Father."

"I submitted your vid too? Ellen Degeneres & Jessica Soho show. hope you don't mind " Maria Arcillia posted on Youtube.

Other Youtube users describe Talonding's voice as heavenly and angelic.

"Really heavenly voice...your version of singing this piece "Dance with my father again"...makes this song popular again" an account named 716ande posted on the video-sharing website.

Another Youtube user, raynaingue said, "Wow..amazing and very angelic voice...the guitar sounds great? too."

Netizens were also impressed by how Talonding's voice had been so clear on the video without being at the studio and without using any musical equipment. 



Lead Me To The Cross by Hillsong (Cover by Aldrich and James)

Song: Lead Me To The Cross (Cover)

Artist: Aldrich and James

Date: Mar 29, 2018

Ten Thousand Reasons (Bless the Lord) Matt Redman- jam by Aldrich and James

Song: Ten Thousand Reasons (Cover)

Artist: Aldrich and James

Date: Jan 13, 2017


Song: Dance With My Father Again (Cover)

Artist: Aldrich and James

Date: Apr 22, 2013

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