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HYMR is a music composer whose compositions capture the beauty and emotion of everyday life. HYMR is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa and his unique background give him the uncanny ability to tell people stories through music, using his melodic gift to evoke the listener's deepest feelings.

HYMR grew up on a farm called "Goedgeloof" (Good Faith), which was located between the small towns of Montague and Barrydale in an idyllic part of South Africa. HYMR has 3 siblings: an older brother as well as a younger sister and brother. HYMR then went on to attend boarding school at the start of his schooling years. This was in the town of Barrydale and he attended Hoerskool Barrydale, who despite their name also took in pre-schoolers and junior students as well as high school students. It was here that HYMR gravitated towards the arts and music.

As a 6-year-old Sub A school student, HYMR met a young girl at the hostel who was taking piano lessons at school. She would practice after school hours at the hostel and HYMR would sit and listen to her playing. She taught HYMR how to play a single piece on the piano called "Jesus, Groot Bo Almal" (Jesus, Great Over All). HYMR's small fingers found their true purpose at this point, even though it was the only piece that he would be able to play for some time.


The family then relocated to the growing town of Rustenburg in the Transvaal Province.

HYMR attended school at Laerskool Rustenburg Noord at the age of 8. Here he joined the school choir, and this was his first formal contact with the delights and emotions that music could evoke. HYMR remained in the choir for the rest of his schooldays and loved being part of this novice music scene.

At the age of 10, HYMR's father, who was based in the United Kingdom, came to South Africa for a visit and brought him a Yamaha PSS560 Keyboard around the time of his birthday. This led to HYMR playing on the keyboard as much as he could, even though he couldn't read sheet music. This was all played by his amazing ear for music and being able to interpret what he heard to his amazing fingers. HYMR's main inspiration was Jean-Michel Jarre, as this is what his mother would play to him from her music collection. The passion for this medium of sound has continued to this day and still has influences HYMR's musical mind.


Unfortunately, this basic keyboard gave up the ghost and moved on to the ivories in the skies. This caused HYMR to be seek out the school piano at break times or after school. He then found a music shop in town called Spectra, who very kindly allowed HYMR to tinkle his time away on their keyboards.

After leaving school, HYMR found employment as a cashier, which enabled him to save towards buying his second keyboard in 2006. He got a Yamaha PSR3000. This keyboard was more advanced than anything he had ever played before and spurred the enquiring side of his musical talent.

In 2010 he was able to buy a Yamaha Clavinova CVP 509 from his old haunt Spectra in Rustenburg.

Eventually HYMR started composing, but these compositions were initially kept private — just for friends and family. Now, HYMR has decided to release his compositions, including three singles this year: The Journey, Whispers of Something, as well as Little Princess (and there might be more to come!).

HYMR's spectrum of music has broadened tremendously from his earlier influences and his aim is now to also produce music for the film industry. 


Coffee With HYMR (14th August 2021)

The Agenda: I will be talking about my upcoming single release ' You make me feel so nice'. I will be showing a sneak preview of the music video for 'You make me feel so nice'. I will be answering some of your questions.

HYMR - You make me feel so nice ft. Lukky Sparxx

Song: You make me feel so nice

Artist: HYMR

Date: Aug 26, 2021

HYMR - We Love ft. Lukky Sparxx

Song: We Love

Artist: HYMR, Lukky Sparxx

Date: Jun 7, 2020

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