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George "Yung Blitz" Harper was born September 21, 1986, in Norfolk, Virginia. Blitz grew up in an urban area of the city littered with murderers and drug dealers. Yung Blitz knew that he had to do something to occupy his time, so music became his outlet.

At the age of thirteen, Young Blitz wrote his first song called "Hard Times". He continued to write and perfect his talent until he became comfortable with performing his lyrics in front of others. At first, Blitz would only perform in front of his close relatives, especially his beloved Uncle Poe. It was while performing for the family that Blitz realized that making music and doing shows was his calling. After his Uncle's untimely death, Blitz dedicated his life to music in his Uncle's honor.

After doing some time incarcerated and getting himself right with the Lord, Blitz graduated from college in 2007 and released several projects to jump-start his career and generate a buzz. It was in Orlando, in 2008, that Blitz linked up with Riderman ENT and "Mike Mezz." With their management and distribution, Blitz released his first official mixtape entitled, "The Son Of Virginia."

Today, Yung Blitz is a successful graphic designer, producer, filmmaker and musician. With his slick lyrics and unique new wave crunk sound, Blitz looks to flood the music industry with something that all hip hop fans can relate to. He is currently working on his first solo album called "Blitz 4 President," which will showcase his unique style, hard-hitting beats and extensive wordplay.

Blitz Boi Feat. Genobull- High Off Life

Song: High Off Life

Artist: Blitz, Genobull

Date: Jun 9, 2011

Blitz Boi- You Already Know (Skinny Boy Swag)

Song: You Already Know

Artist: Blitz Boi

Date: Feb 28, 2011

Aimee Francis - 'SEVENTEEN'
Rihanna - Diamonds


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